SPECIAL $95 – FULL SKIN CANCER CHECK for March & April 2019

A Full Skin Cancer Check Appointment involves:

  • A consultation to determine your risk of skin cancer.
  • Full body check for skin lesions – including mouth, soles of feet, palms and scalp – sometimes skin cancers can hide!
  • Review of skin lesions using a dermatoscope – this is a specialised skin microscope, the most accurate way to determine if a spot is suspicious for skin cancer.
  • Dermatoscopic photography – High resolution close-up photos taken of all suspicious lesions, loaded onto your electronic record. If low risk, these can be monitored and compared with in the future. If high risk, they can be used to plan treatment.
  • Cryotherapy – liquid nitrogen application to treat appropriate lesions. This can usually be done as part of the same appointment.
  • Treatment Planning – Minor surgery for removal of many skin cancers can be done at our practice, usually within a few days of the initial appointment. If necessary, referral can be made for larger procedures to hospital or private specialists.

If it is just a single area check, the cost will be $45.00

Phone reception to book an appointment.