Firefly Children’s Home

Family Doctors are proud to help sponsor children at Firefly Children’s Home in Nepal.  Dr Peter Hall was able to visit both of their orphanage sites and meet with the children and staff, as well as interviewing Amanda Mckay, founder of Firefly Children’s Home, about the history,  charitable status and financial management of the organisation.

Amanda has funding for the administration costs of the trust, so all donations go directly to Kathmandu to purchase essentials for the children.

If you would like to contribute a cash donation, there is a box at Family Doctors Reception or you can click on the link for more information Firefly Children’s Home.

Update from Firefly: 

Thank you for the recent donations made from your very compassionate patients who have contributed to our Fireflies.

Everything is going smoothly at Firefly, although we’ve had a number of kids in hospital this season. Indira is always there at their side fighting for the best treatment. She is one of those determined individuals who just won’t give up when it comes to the rights of women and children. 

We continue to have interested Westerners visit the home and spend time with the kids which is always welcome and delightful, including the European team who came to teach the staff and children first aid.