Dr. Peter Hall​

General Practitioner
Vocationally Registered

Dr Peter Hall came to work on the Coast in 1987, has raised his family here and is very much part of the community.

He trained at Auckland Medical School before completing a Diploma in Obstetrics and then going on to gain his Fellowship of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners. Peter enjoys looking after families and is now seeing some of the babies he delivered growing up to have children of their own. His special interests are ADHD and travel medicine, as well as doing minor surgery. Peter is the founder and owner of Whangaparaoa Family Doctors and has expanded the practice to include a very impressive team of General Practitioners.

You can view the team here.

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A final look into the future

This will be my last column for Local Matters.  I’ve been knocking out 400 words just about every month for four years, and frankly I’ve run out of things that are wrong with me so have no more material.    My editor has, trustingly, allowed me to traverse a wide range of topics and it seems

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Family Doctors

End of Life care

I’ve just finished Atul Gawande’s “Being Mortal”.  It’s a thought-provoking reflection on ageing and end of life care, and should be read by everybody in the sector, possibly everybody who is growing old. For the first few chapters he paints quite a bleak picture of how modern medicine has interfered with nature and robbed patients

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Family Doctors

Pituitary Gland

There are some organs in the body that don’t get enough credit.   When was the last time you thought about your pituitary gland, for example?  I can tell you that, despite its anonymity, none of us would be alive without it.  It’s only the size of a pea and nestles quietly at the base of

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Talkin’ ’bout Degeneration

Degenerative.   I’m not very fond of this word.  Mostly because parts of me are degenerating at an alarming rate.  But also, because it implies progressive deterioration, pain and un-treatability.  For instance, if I diagnose osteoarthritis most patients assume that nothing can be done about it. This is not necessarily the case, but it is true

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Achilles Tendon

Agony does funny things to a person.   I was lying on the floor of the squash court with a spectacular degree of pain coming from my ankle, and an odd notion in my mind that if I scratched my finger nails over the boards I might feel better. Sadly, it didn’t work.  I didn’t know

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It was 3 in the morning and I had just heard the most dreaded question of marital life…”Are you awake?” Now I’m not at my best at that time.   I blame biorhythms. Being woken then is like coming up from the depths of a blissful warm nirvana. It’s a relief that we no longer do

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