Dr. Peter Hall​

General Practitioner
Vocationally Registered

Dr Peter Hall

Dr Peter Hall came to work on the Coast in 1987, has raised his family here and is very much part of the community.

He trained at Auckland Medical School before completing a Diploma in Obstetrics and then going on to gain his Fellowship of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners. Peter enjoys looking after families and is now seeing some of the babies he delivered growing up to have children of their own. His special interests are ADHD and travel medicine, as well as doing minor surgery. Peter is the founder and owner of Whangaparaoa Family Doctors and has expanded the practice to include a very impressive team of General Practitioners.

You can view the team here.

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Dr Peter Hall


Chronic itch is a very unpleasant condition which occurs often in general practice and can be mysterious and hard to treat.   We call it pruritus, from the Latin word for itch.  On one hand scratching an ordinary itch is one of the great pleasures of life. Who doesn’t like having their back scratched especially if

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Family Doctors Enrolments
Dr Peter Hall

Let’s talk about sex

“SEX! – the next meeting of the chess club is on Tuesday at 1pm.” This eye-catching sign used to appear on the Med School notice board from time to time. As far as I know, everybody who walked past got the message. It worked very well, just because of the impact of a simple three-letter

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Dr Peter Hall

Turning the tables

I had a medical procedure the other day.  I won’t go into details except to say it was undignified, but necessary.  Fortunately it showed that I hadn’t contributed to my family history of bowel cancer. I didn’t enjoy it.  In fact, because I slept through the whole thing it wasn’t even interesting.  Plus the preparation

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Dr Peter Hall


I know I’m going to get into trouble for this but we have a saying in our house, “Life is for people who can’t cope with drugs.” It’s a joke, OK?  But it means that my children have grown up not afraid of, or unduly fascinated by, drugs. Doctors are often accused of being in

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Men and mental health
Dr Peter Hall

Older men and mental health

No apologies for returning to the issue of mental health as it constitutes about 15% of my workload and is still severely under-resourced, given the scale of the problem.  The recent focus on youth suicide has been entirely appropriate but there is also an alarming trend in self-harm in older men, and as my practice

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Dr Peter Hall

Good medicine considers all the options

Do you have treatment from an acupuncturist, herbalist or a Bowen therapist?  Do you use homoeopathic remedies or dietary supplements?   Have you got faith in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)?  Well, you’re in good company. From Prince Charles to Hollywood stars to your next door neighbour, the use of CAM is widespread and often passionately

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