Travel Vaccines

At Family Doctors we have a special interest in travel medicine.

Just about all the doctors having had some Third World experience.

We also subscribe to an international travel health advisory which gives us up to date information about travel risks and diseases.

With Travel Vaccines it’s a bit more complicated than just a few jabs, so we recommend a consultation to discuss your options.

We take into account:

  • What country you are going to, what season, what region
  • What activities
  • What sort of accommodation
  • Previous medical and immunisation history 
  • Cost factors
  • Guided or unguided tours
  • Whether you want to sample local food in markets and villages

We can also set you up with a travel pack of useful medications to keep you safe.

Please book with your doctor at least 2 months before your trip to get the best advice.

For more information go to the official source of advice for New Zealanders travelling or living overseas.