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Services/ Fees

All consultations and services must be paid for at the time of a patient’s appointment

Our standard consultation is 10 – 15 minutes, but we make provision for a few minutes more or less if necessary. If you feel you need longer, please advise reception at the time of making your appointment so we can schedule and bill accordingly.

Generally, we can deal with 2-3 issues in a standard consultation, excluding mental health problems and complex medical problems which usually take longer.

Please consider other patients if you think your consultation is going over the allotted time.

Our policy at Family Doctors is to notify all our patients of their test results, even if they are normal. If you do not receive a message through our Patient Portal or hear from us within 5 working days, please phone us to check.
Payment at the time of consultation is required. Overdue accounts may incur additional charges. For more detail refer to our Terms of Trade which was signed at the time of enrolment, or speak to one of our receptionists.

For both standard and
ACC consultations



0 - 12 Years Free
13 - 17 Years $34.50
18 - Over Years $44.00
Extended / New Patient Consultations $64.00
Home Visit Extra charges may apply $95.00+
High User Card $35.00

Service Name



Blood Pressure Check Performed by the Practice Nurse $5.00
Diabetes Support We offer a service to support pre and existing diabetics.
A diabetic nurse consultation costs $35, but some patients are eligible for a subsidy.
Please speak with our diabetic nurse regarding this
Free or $35
Dressings – Non ACC This is for wound assessment and materials $20.00
Ear Syringe Allow half an hour for eardrops to work if they are not used prior to appointment $30.00
ECG’s This procedure is performed by a nurse and measures how effectively your heart is working $35.00
Injections This is a fee for our nurse to administer the injection.
Vaccines and additional materials are charged separately
INR/Warfarin Check For patients on warfarin there is a $50 annual fee for monitoring warfarin levels via a blood test.
An alternative option is to pay a $20 quarterly fee. A letter
will be sent to you in July each year offering you this option
Minor Surgery As these procedures vary considerably, pricing will be discussed with the consulting Doctor On Application
Nurse Consultation This is an appointment with the Practice Nurse for a variety of health issues $25.00
Prescriptions – Repeat Can be requested with 48 hours notice. All medication is checked by your Doctor
prior to being released. Same day prescription requests may incur a further $5 charge
Punch Biopsy This is for materials. As this is considered minor surgery, a Doctor Consultation fee will be charged separately. $60.00
Spirometry This is testing your lung function and is performed by the nurse $40.00
Sure Health Medical This is a thorough medical check up in combination with a nurse and your Doctor,
looking at health concerns and general wellness. Allow 45 minutes for this appointment
Immigration Medicals Family Doctors no longer carry out these medicals. Please phone for current providers of these. N/A

Women's Health:
Service Name



Smears – Doctor At a time suitable to you, but please book a double appointment $55.00
Smears – Nurse You can request a nurse to complete your smear.
Please allow 20 minutes for this appointment
Pregnancy Test If you have a positive result, it is free $10.00
Depo Provera At a time suitable to you $20.00
IUCD Copper or Mirena insertion (You may be eligible for a subsidy so discuss this with your doctor). $150.00 plus cost of device

Require a Chaperone?

Should you require a chaperone during one of your visits to our surgery this can be arranged, but we will need you to advise us prior to your consultation. Just phone our reception staff and they will be happy to organise this for you.