Family Doctors New Enrolments.

Here at Family Doctors, we welcome new enrolments to our practice.

Enrolment process
You may only be enrolled with one general practice at any one time. To enrol you will need to complete an Enrolment Form and a Terms Of Trade Form. Print an Enrolment Form and Terms Of Trade Form from the links below or pick up copies direct at Family Doctors.

Enrolment Form Terms Of Trade

You will need to bring in the original signed form with proof of eligibility for government funding as follows:

To be eligible for government funding you must be residing permanently in New Zealand and meet one of the following criteria listed by the MOH (Ministry of Health).

  1. I am a New Zealand citizen OR
  2. I hold a resident visa or a permanent resident visa (or resident permit if issued before Dec 2010) OR
  3. I am an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident and able to show I have been in New Zealand or intend to stay in New Zealand for at least 2 consecutive years. OR
  4. I have a work visa/permit and can show that I am able to be in New Zealand for at least 2 years (previous permit included)

When you enrol we need the following documentation:

Passport – with relevant visas (if not born in NZ)  or

Birth Certificate, if born in NZ and you do not have a passport, plus photo identification eg. Driver’s Licence

If your name is different to that on the document you bring we require supporting documents for the name change e.g. Marriage certificate.

For more eligibility criteria please contact us.